Meet the team

Philip Hayes - Development Manager

Philip manages the Software Development group and joined in late 2013 as Loyalty Logistix embarked on an expansion of product development, in particular CRM solutions for dealerships.  Philip aims to enhance the strategic vision of the Company, by utilising established software management principles to optimise progress during this exciting time.    

Philip's career in software development spans over 25 years and he has considerable coding experience in developing successful commercial business applications using SQL Server, Oracle and Access databases.

Prior to joining, Philip had worked in a broad range of Software Technology companies operating in divese markets such as document management, workflow solutions, e-tourism and education. In managing development groups of up to 25 individuals he has introduced agile approach and best practice to improve the effectiveness and delivery of products.

In additional to qualifications in Professional Management and Leadership he also he has a first degree in Physics from Imperial College London and a postgraduate degree in Applied Mathematics from Kings College London.