OLP is an effective infrastructure providing a simple delivery mechanism for digital customer communications that can be targeted at national, regional or dealer level.

The Primary Goal of OLP is to:

Increase the profitability of Aftersales business by encouraging the uptake of Aftersales products and services.

What can OLP do for Your Business?

Increase the profitability of Aftersales business by promoting Aftersales incentives and rewards.

Improve customer loyalty, thus increasing vehicle re-sale opportunities.

Manage your customer data effectively, to ensure sales and communications opportunities are never missed.

Improve data collection and storage, for confidence in effective targeted marketing and market research.

Finally asking the Customer about their experience - if and why they did not purchase, and provide you with the transparent metrics needed for process improvement.



Our acclaimed Owner Loyalty Programme consists of four key areas:


1 - Personalised Welcome Packs    


A 'Welcome pack' including an optional Loyalty Card is issued to the customer, printed and personalised by Loyalty Logistix, and dispatched directly to the end-owner customer or dealership, alongside other collateral.


2 - Personal Customer Web Pages


These unique personal web pages store vehicle service history, emit alerts for important service dates and allow users to redeem dealer and leisure related offers. Additional features include toolbox, news at national and dealer level and a ‘dealer finder’ facility.


3 - Email, Text, Push Notifications

This optional service offers a choice of text and push notifications and/or email marketing.
Market segmentation, Campaign design and deployment by our in-house marketing team.


4 - Mobile Applications


Our personalised web pages are designed to be mobile friendly, but we also give you the option of mobile applications, which customers can download for their iOS and Android devices.



To find out more contact David Hawkins today on: 

+44 (0) 1248 546000
email david.hawkins@loyaltylogistix.com

or in the meantime read the OLP Case Study here:

Audi Enniscorthy - Loyalty Programme


* OLP is compatible in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11