Meet the team

Neil Butterworth - Director

After many years in industry, Neil found himself in the Motor Trade in the early 80’s.

He started off working in Finance and quickly moved across to used cars, where the money was being made. This seemed the place to be and in 1990, Neil was one of

a small team of people who launched Network Q to the UK, and subsequently to many parts of the GM world.

This industry innovation enabled Neil to access some of the most advanced and more radical thinking of vehicle retailing.  During this time, he met our Chairman, Bobby Williams, who was developing ground-breaking technology for the industry. An opportunity not to be missed..

At Loyalty Logistix, Neil has continued to specialise in used cars, training and consultancy, whilst developing skills in new technologies. Similarly, the majority of the team at Loyalty Logistix have a high level of expertise in I.T and the ability to relate this to the retail world of the motor industry. 

"I don’t know of any companies with this level of in-depth knowledge and specific expertise who can match us. It’s great to be part of a winning team!"


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