LMS is an effective web-based lead management system which doubles-up as a dealer showroom log, TCM/LMS system and sales diary.
It has been specifically designed to work “in the real world” and support improved processes for handling centrally generated leads
from you or your Manufacturer. 

LMS delivers the technological infrastructure to manage Car Company leads through the nurturing process, delivery to the network
and then measures the results from all dealer activity.  


A log or register of ALL showroom enquiries and sales related activity is central to the system. 
The system is a combination of a simple traditional showroom log, test drive log, part exchange appraisal form, FSA logs and more,
built into an intelligent web-based computer programme that, we believe, could not be more easy to use.


LMS will help you measure footfall, improve processes and grow your business.

A system held under your control, for your benefit... 

The Service - Benefits

LMS is a fully featured showroom lead management system that can track footfall as well as enquiries and sales staff performance. It manages centrally generated leads, and distributes them to the dealer network.  Leads sent to the network are tracked for any failure to respond, and a configurable rule base controls the escalation process that ensures every one of the leads (especially considering the cost to generate!) is managed properly and within certain agreed service levels.

The system enables the use of structured or template emails or SMS messages, and supports the hierarchical approach to management control and reporting.  LMS will manage Finance or Credit renewals, and provides a refined system for managing your own renewals.

Key benefits are:


Increased sales performance -  allows you to focus on getting results, quickly, efficiently and without fuss

Helps and follow up tasks

Produces clear, detailed and clean prospect list and reports

Extremely specialised, yet simple functionality

Driven by current showroom activity -All activity and key actions recorded

Quick access to key data, providing meaningful information - all under your control

Allows further analysis or manipulation of data in other applications via export facilities

Follow-up and review activity incorporated into daily processes

Provides sales ratio statistics

Improvements in team management by encouraging openness, providing statistics that everyone believes in

Training for this type of system is of critical importance.  The Loyalty Logistix training team all have extensive in-dealership and Manufacturer experience, providing training programmes across the world.

To find out more, contact David Hawkins today on: +44 (0) 1248 546000 or email


* LMS is compatible in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11