Campaign Manager Tool provides a simple delivery mechanism for digital

Customer communications that can be very specifically targeted at National, Regional
or Dealer level. It can be used to market tactical offers and benefits directly to Customers to encourage them to remain loyal to their individual dealership or the franchise in general.

The Service - Benefits


Campaign Manager enables bespoke communication to be targeted using every element of Customer intelligence stored within the Aftersales Data Warehouse. This is data that has been extracted from the DMS records of the dealer network and cleansed using business rules agreed with your Head Office.


Typical segmentation can include, for example:


Vehicle Type – Age Profile, Model, Derivative, Limited Edition

Customer Type – Loyal Owner, conquest Customer

Service History – Predicted next service event, repeat / multiple service visits (at-risk Customers)

Invoice Record – Customer interventions triggered by invoice value, controlled by    

Customer Service team rules

Part Type – Accessory communications at new or used vehicle sales record receipt


Local or National Campaigns - Communications can be created to be sent from an individual dealer or your Head Office address.  National campaigns can be set-up to be mandatory or optional, with the choice of opt-in or opt-out approaches both available.


Brand Identity Conformance - We recognised that Corporate Identity Guidelines are of great importance to your brand, and have provided the ability for Dealers to choose from a library of pre-approved templates to utilise, this should encourage their adherence to your guidelines.

Campaign Control & Approval – Dealers also have control to select (or deselect) which Campaigns are automated and triggered manually.  If required, a prior-approval loop can be made mandatory to ensure that Regional Marketing Managers preview and approve all communications prior to release.


Campaign Measurement - All communications are distributed through Loyalty Logistix’s email gateway enabling detailed monitoring to be carried out. This facility, in conjunction with the campaign management tool, is highly capable and has successfully sent millions of emails to Customers worldwide in the last twelve months.


Results are presented through the ABI reporting tool and enable live presentation of Customer open and click-through rates following receipt of the email. This provides an immediate view of the standard effectiveness measures of campaigns.

What really sets this analysis apart from alternative campaign reporting solutions is that we are able to marry the specific Customer contact with any record of them observed for a service event in the dealer network. So Campaign effectiveness can be monitored by both the interest it created (measured by open rates) and the financial impact it created (Parts, Accessories and Labour revenue generated). 



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