About us

Meet the Specialists in Loyalty..

Loyalty Logistix Ltd. provides specialism in the area of Automotive Business Operations focussing on customer loyalty and retention.

Since its inception the company has secured both Global and Pan-European supplier contracts with a number of multi-national vehicle manufacturers.

Now in our 14th year of business operation, having been established with the sole intention of helping Clients deliver business improvement through our diverse and unique expertise. This ranges from parts product and revenue management at OEM level through to a deep understanding of dealer operations and all commercial activity in-between.


Loyalty Logistix has developed a level of expertise in both dealer and manufacturer data capture and storage, that enables us to extract a far greater level of Aftersales data intelligence from a very broad and varied set of data sources. 

Our Products can simplify your reporting needs and help you deliver an effective Loyalty Programme and measurable Campaigns to your end-customers.

The business has in the past received invaluable support and grant assistance

from the DTI and the Welsh Assembly Government.