Customer Experience Management in the Automotive sector is uniquely complex, 
so that’s why we have specifically developed the ABI tool to provide a simplified 
stream of Aftersales Business Intelligence and insight all in one place.


The ABI tool offers the opportunity to report on custom-defined KPI’s in a 
common dashboard format, across multiple markets yet with the flexibility
to adapt as the priorities and needs of your business change.  Views are  
custom-defined by access permissions, allowing certain report types to be
restricted to central teams only, whilst also enabling dealer only views
to be distributed to your dealer network.

The Service - Benefits


The ABI tool is intended to be offered in multiple forms, using Microsoft Silverlight to allow user-defined views to be created.
This allows global, national, region and dealer views for regional management teams, central operations, dealers.

Each individual view or report builds dynamically and is animated and hence more visually engaging than the standard Excel spreadsheet.
The views are deliberately created for presentation and to be used as a Management Review tool.

A typical high-level view would include the following reports:

Service Performance - Service retention, AOI penetration and opportunity by age profile.


Workshop Throughput - Retail hours per job, parts and labour revenue by model and age profile.


Parts Sales - Retail and Trade sales performance, product group analysis, trade Customer spend.


Campaign Performance - Event prediction, tracking Customer responses to campaign parts sales.

Further reports can also be systematically created such as KPI achievement versus target, last month, last year and trend indicators,
whilst tabulated output and standard forms can also be created if required.

Each market dashboard can be specifically customised to suit market need so the above format is only illustrative.
Individual reports can have a hierarchy of drill downs allowing time period, dealer, region, dealer group and part description to be selected.  
All reports are available dependent upon the breadth of data extract retrieved and the availability of centrally sourced data such as vehicle
and parts master file information etc.

Our Approach


Phase 1:

Data Management
- This will cover the sourcing and retrieval of the disparate elements required to create an initial data warehouse.
Some of this data will be available from internal systems, such as VIN decoding tables, dealer database or Parts Master Files however, 
the main source of data will be retrieved from the dealer network.

Deliverables: DMS Data Extraction / Creation of an Aftersales Data Warehouse / Data Quality Reporting

Phase 2:

Dashboard Creation, Reporting Services & Analysis
- We conduct a development workshop to ensure that new reports are aligned to your business objectives and that they support existing performance management processes and dealer incentive programmes.

Deliverables: Creation of Dashboard structure and key performance indicators / Example reports and presentation styles / Defined national and dealer views and reporting requirements / Parts sales analysis / Workshop analysis / Retention analysis – Proportion of Customers retained by age of vehicle, by sales type and AOI (Area of Influence).


To find out more contact Mike Mulholland today on: +44 (0) 1248 546000

* ABI is compatible in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 and leverages the capability of Microsoft SQL Server 2016


ABI Project Phase 1
ABI Project Phase 1

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ABI Overview Screen
ABI Overview Screen

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Part Sales by region
Part Sales by region

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ABI Project Phase 1
ABI Project Phase 1

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